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Stainless Steel Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Model 1

1,700.00 1,200.00
About this item 
  • Made up of high-grade STAINLESS STEEL
  • Easy to operate
  • Hand touch-free
  • Sanitizer bottle included
  • Commonly located on entrances to buildings
  • Suitable for Hospitals, Industrial Plants, Schools, Clinics, Offices, Malls, Banks, etc

Stainless Steel Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Model 2

2,000.00 1,500.00
About this Product: TouchLess: The foot-operated Sanitizer Stand offered by Gagan Enterprises is made of good quality STAINLESS STEEL. It is very easy to use and needs less maintenance. It is very helpful during this coronavirus pandemic. Portable Dispenser: This Stainless steel stand is very useful in high traffic areas such as malls, offices, homes, and hospitals. Its sleek design allows you to use it anywhere. Floor Stand and Adjustable Tray: This stand is lightweight and portable so you can place it in any area. Its Adjustable tray allows you to use a sanitizer bottle of up to 500ml.  Germ-Free: With this hand sanitizer dispenser, you don't have to worry about transmission and receiving of coronavirus as it is touch-free Compatibility: It is highly ideal for high traffic areas like offices, malls, factories, airports, kitchens, railway stations, bathrooms, schools, colleges, and all types of government and private sectors. Positive Impression: If you have this hand sanitizer stand in your workplace, this simply shows that your employee’s health matters to you. This is simply a positive impression that you took steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  

Stainless Steel Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Model 3

2,700.00 2,000.00
This fancy hand sanitizer dispenser made from pure stainless steel is a modern solution for your homes and commercial places. Ideal for Hospitals and Clinics this stand completely covers the sanitizer bottle with a small opening for the sanitizer discharge. Features
  • Made from good-quality STAINLESS STEEL
  • No Electricity Required
  • Touch-Free Pedal at the bottom
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Easy Movement
  • Lightweight